Untold Feelings is the second episode of the Seven Senses of the Re'Union series. It aired on July 13, 2018.

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Having conversation with Asahi, Haruto realizes that Asahi still thinks it is the day of the failed quest six years ago and finds out that she cannot log out of the game. A rival guild from the original game attacks Haruto and she activates her Sense that allows Haruto to predict his opponent's movements to beat him as while Haruto doesn't have his, Asahi still has her's. Former Subaru guild member Takanori Mikado arrives to defeat the guild. Sometime after logging out, Satsuki comes over to visit Haruto and tells him that he needs to face the past as he had been running away from it. Back in the game, Haruto and Satsuki meet in-game and journey together. Haruto then goes out to a cave and meets Elicia, who appears to know about Asahi and warns Haruto that he is being targeted.

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