The New Legend is the twelfth and final episode of the Seven Senses of the Re'Union series. It aired on September 21, 2018.

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With Haruto lying on the ground after being shot by Asahi, the goddess inside Asahi begins to awaken as part of the plan for Cerinthus and Marcion to create their paradise. Amidst the chaos, Cerinthus attacks Clive, but is saved by Elicia. Haruto recalls the time he promised Asahi to get stronger, and he regains consciousness with his Sense powering up. Cerinthus and Marcion make a last ditch attack, but Haruto's powered-up Sense easily defeats them. After the battle, Nozomi makes a new sheath for Haruto's sword with her Sense and Elicia explains why there are seven jewels on it as Subaru is a cluster that appears to have six stars to some and seven to others. The party logs out of the game and Takanori comes over to pick up Nozomi and return her feelings. Some time later, the party logs back in and goes on their first quest as the reunited guild, while the actions of Gnosis become public.

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