The Girl Who Disappeared is the tenth episode of the Seven Senses of the Re'Union series. It aired on September 7, 2018.

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Haruto, Satsuki, and Takanori visit Nozomi's home after hearing about her disappearance. Having figured out that she logged into Re'Union when she disappeared, Takanori asks Clive to trace her activity and determine her location in the game. The party heads to that location and gets attacked by her oversized familiars. After defeating the familiars, a brainwashed Nozomi appears, along with her kidnappers from Gnosis Cerinthus and Marcion. The party attacks Cerinthus and Marcion unable to land an attack, and Nozomi places a curse on Asahi forcing the party to retreat. Haruto, Satsuki, and Takanori gather in the real world again where Takanori figures out that Nozomi has a crush on him and seeing him dance with Satsuki led to Gnosis taking advantage of her jealousy. The three then suddenly feel dizzy as they learn that their perceptions have been altered by a Sense.

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