The Chance Meeting of the Stars is the ninth episode of the Seven Senses of the Re'Union series. It aired on August 31, 2018.

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Haruto explains what he learned from Elicia about Gnosis and Union to the members of Subaru, and Clive tells everybody that they need to find Nozomi and awaken her Sense. Haruto and Satsuki meet up with Nozomi and are surprised by how much she has changed since they last met. They learn that Nozomi has become a fashion model and has quit playing video games since Asahi's death. That night before the ball inside the game, Haruto and Takanori go to Asahi's grave and have a fight arguing over who protects Asahi. Takanori makes up and lets Haruto dance with Asahi at the ball inside the game while Takanori dances with Satsuki. After recalling the time in elementary school when Takanori helped her out leading her to having feelings for him, Nozomi logs into Re'Union, and sees Takanori dancing with Satsuki at the ball prompting her to break down. She gets greeted by two Gnosis agents demanding that she joins their organization.

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