<<Senses>> are special abilities seen in the manga and anime of Shichisei no Subaru.

Description Edit

<<Sense>> is a unique ability that every player of Re'Union possesses. There are conditions to which the <<sense>> can be used.


User Image Description Debut

Haruto Amō


Fighting Spirit - This power gives the ability to manipulate the aura inside him to be used to attack and survive.

Volume 1/Episode 1
Asahi Kuga
Shichisei no Subaru - 02 - 14
Heart Play - Allows the user to affect one's feelings and thoughts.

Prophet Arts - Allows the user to see the future in the middle of battle. Later revealed to be the ability to create and project into alternate realities.

Volume 1/Episode 1
Satsuki Usui
Sorcery - Allows the user to able to bind the spirit so that the user can use magic. The amount of spirit that is tied depends on the person's ability. Volume 1/Episode 1
Takanori Mikado
Shichisei no Subaru - 02 - 16

Natural Laws - Allows the user to manipulate the rules of the world and make the user able to do anything based on analysis to make physical changes to something.

Volume 1/Episode 2
Nozomi Kusaka
Dream Boundary

Dream Boundary - Allows the user to make real objects that exist in the user's imagination but the ability to rely on the imagination possessed by the user.

Volume 1/Episode 1
Clive Vivali

Transformation - The user can be able to change the nature and objects. This is also able to make other players difficult to predict.

Volume 1/Episode 1

Mind Seal Sense - The user has the ability to prevent people from using their Sense.

Volume 1/Episode 3