Nozomi Kusaka (草間 望 Kusuka Nozomi?) is the one of the main characters of the Shichisei no Subaru series. A shy and introverted girl of Subaru who has feelings for Takanori.


Nozomi has long, violet, chest-length hair and green eyes. She allows part of her bangs to hang just between her eyes.

Personality Edit

She is known to be shy and her introverted nature keeps her at a distance even with other Subaru members.


Nozomi was a member of the seven-member guild, Subaru until the death of Asahi Kuga. A year since Asahi's death, she worked as a magazine model.


When Satsuki and Haruto find her, they caught up and she was informed Asahi was alive in the game but didn't believe it and refused to play the game since she stopped doing so. She later played and found Takanori dancing with Satsuki and believed they were now a couple, which devastated her to the point where she joined evil mages. Nozomi became so unhinged and disturbed that she cursed Asahi after seeing she was alive. In episode 11, she fights Takanori who confronted her alone before informing her of the misunderstanding that he and Satsuki were rejected by Asahi and Haruto respectively and were comforted each other. Nozomi felt guilt at her mistake and the deeds she had done, as Takanori cured her while apologizing for not acknowledging her and promising to do so now.


Nozomi Has Feelings for Takanori



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