Volume 1 is the first novel of the Shichisei no Subaru series.

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I also want to see you all.

There used to be a legendary party at the world popular MMORPG "Union". Name, Subaru. The party formed by elementary school kids' childhood friends demonstrated unparalleled talent in "Union" which centers <sense> system, and was brave in a blink of an eye. However, accidents occurred when players took a breath during the game. This death case triggered "Union" to end the service. ...... Time flows, six years later. Haruto Amō who was active as the center of Subaru once again became a dummy high school student. He has no friends, no motivation for everything. However, among the new "Reunion" who logged in in the form of being caught up in the classmate, Yang Xi will play "Reunion" which is hard to believe. A girl who was a companion of Subaru, a real girlfriend familiar to the baby, Asahi Kuga - six years ago, there was a girl who was supposed to have died during the game. "It is definitely a disease of summer, or a system error, rather a bug!" "Aha ha ha, what'd you do if you were yang, you never look like a frown?" - The legend starts moving again. Innovative youth battle online![1]

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