Elicia (エリシア Erishia?) is the one of the main characters of the Shichisei no Subaru light novel and protagonists of the anime series. A mysterious girl who appears before Subaru members and seems to know about Asahi's appearance in Re'Union. Elicia is later revealed to be the seventh member of subaru, in episode 12, which also discusses why there are Seven Stars on pleiades. (Haruto's Sword)


Elicia is a girl of small stature with light purple hair that covers her left eye. She is always seen with the same outfit.




When Elicia appeared in episode 2, she came to tell Haruto that he's being targeted, and that she knows about Satsuki. She continues to help Haruto when he gets into tight spots or is unable to comprehend the situations he get into. As shown in images shown from Asahi's red crystals Elicia tried to seal away Asahi's sense as it was the reason she was being testing on. As of now it is unclear if her sealing worked. Clive adds that he and Elicia have been watching over Asahi for the past 6 years.



A bow that allows to penetrate enemies and force out the senses to the point that they don't have their abilities.


Elicia is a member of Subaru that only some can see, as Subaru is a cluster (in the sky) that appears to have six stars to some and seven to others

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